new to mothdrawn


some new things to mothdrawn:

1. I have an RSS button in case anyone wants to see mothdrawn in their feed.

2. I have a ’subscribe-to’ button, which will let you know by email what updates are in the Daybook (unfortunately the photos don’t post there, though, so you’d have to come back to the site to see those).

3. I have my new flickr photo thumbnails posted on mothdrawn as well as here.

These three new web thingies are available at the bottom of mothdrawn in the footer.

Thanks for going over there to see my new site!

2 Responses to “new to mothdrawn”

  1. 1

    I found you as I was trying to draw eggs. Your blog is so fine , your drawings are full of tenderness and you write like a champ. Very unusual and inspiring

  2. 2

    streetcolor, thank you! it’s easy in this big wide web world to feel like a pin in a haystack. i’m so glad you found your way to my site.

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